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Here’s a collection of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, then you will most likely find it in the forums.

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How do I change the profile picture/avatar associated with my account?
Your profile picture is linked to a service called Gravatar. You can update it in 2 easy steps:

  1. Sign up with using the email address linked to your account in the Member’s Area (yours is: [MM_Member_Data name=’email’]).
  2. Choose and upload a photo from your computer, and link it with your email address.

The next time you log in, you should see your new profile picture on the right side of the screen.

How can I change/edit my password and username?
Easy! You can make changes to your password and username on the Account Settings page, located here.

How can I cancel my account and/or get a refund?
I’m not going to lie, I’ll be sad to see you go.

But if your mind’s made up and you wish to cancel your account – and have been a member for less than 30 days – then you are eligible for a refund. Simply send an email to [MM_Employee_Data name=’email’] letting me know that you wish to cancel.

Your refund will be processed within 24 hours.

Note: if you have made any referrals for which you have not been paid, you will lose out on your commission ($10 per referral) should you cancel your account. This measure is in place to prevent fraudulent activity. 

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