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Salmon with Spinach and Feta

Nutrition Recipes  Lunch (Fish and Seafood)  Salmon with Spinach and Feta

Calories: Macronutrients:
258kcal (per serving) Protein: 31g // Carbs: 2g // Fat: 4g

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This salmon dish is a great way to get in your heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, while the spinach, feta, and other seasonings give this nutritious dish even more flavor.

Servings: 2

2 salmon fillets (4oz each)
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
1/4 cup crumbled light feta
1 scallion, sliced
1/4 cup spinach chopped
1 teaspoon olive oil

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Combine the Greek yogurt and feta, olive oil, mashing and stirring with a fork until well blended.

2. Add the scallion and spinach and combine well. 3. Spread the mixture evenly over salmon fillets.

4. Brush both sides with olive oil, turning the whole thing over carefully with a spatula.

5. Lay the salmon out on a baking dish (I prefer a glass dish for fish).

6. Bake the fillets for 15 minutes.

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