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Muscle Gain Meal Plan – 2000 Calories

Nutrition Meal Plans  Muscle Gain 2000 Calories

Daily Calories: Macronutrient Goals:
2000kcal Protein: 150g // Carbs: 200g // Fat: 70g

Before you dive in, make sure you have selected the correct meal plan for you (based on your current goals and weight) using the guide found here.

Keep in mind that these meal plans are designed to help you start eating well or get your diet back on track in as little time as possible. They are not meant to be followed strictly and/or permanently. After a few weeks, you should have a good idea of how much, what, and when to eat, at which time can you start experimenting with your own recipes.

If you have any questions about how the meal plans work or how to customize them, ask away in the nutrition forums (your question might have already been answered!)

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