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    Gustaaf K

    I was just reading trough the 12 week program, and i think i am going to give that a try.
    Not right away, been off the gym for almost 3 weeks, and need to build up some condition first, so next month i will be doing my own training, and i have now set date of 6th of March as starting date for the 12 week program.

    This also gives me time to read it all and work it out in a app like Virtuagym

    It looks awesome and will keep you guys updated on how it works for me

    Gustaaf K

    Hi Adam,

    I have tried carb cycling before, but only stick with it for 2 months and during that 2 months i did not see any difference in body composition, nor did my fat was lowered, even though i was @ a deficit of 400 kcal a day on rest day’s and -100 on workout days.

    Maybe i should give it another try.


    Gustaaf K

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry first for the late reply.
    My back is doing ok. It probably will alwasy be a weak point for me, but i am fully back into working out again.

    About the food experiment, i could definatly see a great weight loss when lowering carbs, but i stopped doing so, because i felt hungry all the time, even though i was eating more (quantity). Also my training was harder with lower carbs, felt less energized, so i started to up my carbs again, i just now try to eat my carbs mainly from fruits, veggies and bread only. I am a home baker, so my bread is natural products only, that’s a plus i think.

    I eventually lowered my carb to a minimum of 60 gram a day, but like i said, that is too low for me
    Now i try to keep it between 160-180 grams a day and not get over 200, well only on very heavy trainingsdays.



    Gustaaf K

    Hi Adam,

    Well my goal is to get fitter and stronger.

    Eventually my goal would be to help others achieving their goals as well. As someone who have come from being far overweight i think i know better how some people feel than most instructors who have been fairly fit their entire life (no offense)

    And sharing my story i hope to inspire other people as well.

    Gustaaf K

    Well i prefer inches over weight loss any day! Great job girl!

    Gustaaf K

    Here is a little update.
    My back is starting to feel a bit better

    I am using some of the exercises from this site for my recovery program.
    On the note of losing weight, i am now tracking my weight daily from 1-1-16 to see the fluctuations.
    I am eating at 1900 a day (this may seem low, but when i add more, the extra kcal will go into snacking) and even tough i have stayed on or below this 1900 a day from 1-1-2016, except for 3 day’s when i went out to eat, i have not lost much weight.

    I started on 1-1 with 91,3 kg and this morning i was 89,7 kg
    Between this, i have been keeping up and down a lot, from highest 92,9 kg, to lowest so far on 88 kg.

    To figure out these fluctuations i have kept aside my food journal, and it seems that whenever i eat over 150 grams of carbs i seem to hold a lot of water weight, for example one time it went up from 89,5 kg to 91 kg in a day. That day my carb intake was over 200 grams

    Also other day’s that my carb went over 150 gram the scale next day gave higher numbers

    So for experiment, i have lowered my carb intake to a max of 140 a day, and upped my fat intake.

    I wanna see what effect this may have on my bodyweight and body composition

    Gustaaf K

    So i have started to workout again.

    On 28-12-2015 i made together with a trainer a recovery schedule
    It’s focussed on training the core and stability so my back will be stronger.

    It contain’s the following:
    – Warming up on threadmill
    – Wall squat with exercise ball 3 sets of 16
    – Pec fly on exercise ball with 6 kg weights 3 sets of 16
    – Dumbell press on exercise ball with 8 kg weights, 3 sets of 16
    – Tricep extension overhead on exercise ball with 10 kg weight, 3 sets of 16
    – Hip Bridge with weight (right now only 5kg) 3 sets of 16
    – Crunches 3 sets of 16
    – Planks 3 sets till faillure
    – Side planks both sides 3 sets of 12
    – And for cooling down some walking on treadmill on 5-6 kp/h with 5-6% incline

    This will be my workout schedule for coming weeks to recover from my back issue.
    I will do this 2 times a week, Monday and Friday

    On Wednesday i will do cardio (running, cycling) and some core exercises like the hip bridge, plank and with exercise ball

    I hope to be fully recovered before spring

    Gustaaf K

    Great job girl!, Now push for that double digits

    Gustaaf K

    I think a good guide is to try a 1 rep max with heaviest you can and good form on a exercise and start a program with 50% of that weight and build up from there

    Try to increase the weight every 2 weeks a little bit

    Worked for me on the compounds lift.
    Started with barbell on sqauts, now i can do 5 reps on 87,5 kg with good form
    And that is after 9 months of training with weights

    Gustaaf K

    One must play song when lifting heavy, for me at least, is:

    Metallica – Master of Puppets

    And here is my playlist of workout songs:

    Rammstein – Ich Will (warm up song)
    Pearl Jam – Alive (warm up song, cause nothing feels more alive when working out)

    Disturbed – Droppin Plates (also great when doing deadlifts)
    Metallica – Enter Sandman
    Metallica – Fuel (working out is my fuel for the rest of the day)
    Metallica – St. Anger
    Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc, JL, Ceza, USO, Yelawolf, Twista, Twisted Insane – Worldwide Choppers
    Labrinth, Tinie Tempah – Earthquake
    AC/DC – You shook me all night long
    Moby – Flower
    Timbaland – Hand’s in the air
    Pearl Jam – Jeremy
    Metallica – Ride the lighning

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    Gustaaf K

    Well back pain not gone.

    It’s just a “knot” in the muscles that needs to go away by itself and with a lot of massages.

    My core maybe the main problem indeed Will. But i am working on core schedule training as well, so when feeling better i will start doing 2-3 core exercises each day as well.
    Starting with the plank 1 minute a day, just before breakfast.

    Gustaaf K

    Hi Patricia and welcome.

    Gustaaf K

    Good day everyone,

    My name is Gustaaf from the Netherlands

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