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Jennifer C

  • I think one of the issues we’ve been having is that my younger son (age 4) has gotten himself kicked out of the gym day care on multiple occasions. I’m trying to work on a system of rewards/punishments so that he’s motivated to behave as misbehaving causes his desired outcome (mom gets him out of childcare).
    You’re right – I can plan more trips…[Read more]

  • I think you’re right – I do need to keep on the sleep.
    I gained 4 lb back, but that’s not surprising with the drinking & cookies I consumed.
    Saturday I did a primarily upper body workout with the hubby + 2 sets of leg press followed by 35 minutes on the treadmill at 75% HR.
    I’m not traveling this week which makes workouts tough. When I’m home I’m…[Read more]

  • No workout Thursday and excessive drinking instead.

    This morning I did a 2.5 mile run followed by the full body Intermediate HIIT workout 3 sets each of 2 circuits. I’m shakey. Got in 2 slices of bacon and some oatmeal for breakfast. Will travel home tonight.

  • Tomorrow I’ll try to rest, but may feel compelled to move some how. Thursday morning I’m planning on doing the full body with cardio.
    As my weight watchers plan is auto connected to my Fitbit, I get extra points for steps. So I’m highly incented to keep the step count high.

  • Last week I did lower body week 1 at the gym + 20 minute run then flaked out Fri-Sun.
    Last night week 2 upper body workout with 20 minute run.
    Today started with 2.7 mile street run then lower body.
    Need to track food better.

  • Got to the pathetic hotel gym. I might have a couch in my suite, but there is no way to do a lat-pull down or pull-up in the mini-gym here.
    I did the upper body:
    Shoulder press 4 x 25 x 6 reps
    Row 4 x 30 x 6 reps
    incline (using the leg press as an incline) 3 x 25 x 10
    Reverse fly 12 x 10 x 2
    reclining fly 12 x 15 x 2
    then 30 minutes, 2.5 miles on…[Read more]

  • No good. I went to Reno Fri – Sun to register voters. I got a lot of steps in, but only the cardio Sunday.
    Monday & Tuesday I had to go to my new office and each night had my mother-in-law at home visiting from London, so it wasn’t kosher for me to zip out to the gym.
    Now I’m in the air flying to Dallas. I’ve brought workout clothes. I’m nervous…[Read more]

  • On the road workout at my friend’s house.
    Advanced warm up, except no foam roller.
    Full body body weight workout.
    2 Mile run

    Everything hurts.
    Running in an upscale neighborhood is eye candy and sightly depressing.

    The new job is going well and I’ve got my first trip of 3 in 2 weeks is tomorrow. I’ll need to get to the store and pack my food.

  • I like the idea of stretching. I’ll try that.
    Wed log: rest day. Only 4k steps.

  • Thanks Adam, that does make sense. I’ll work on doing the rests in the next workout.

    Today: 5 Minutes on the ecomill
    Advanced warm-up
    4 set Goblet squat, 8 reps 45->50-50 lbs
    4 sets Deadlift, 8 reps 35 lbs in each hand
    3 sets of reverse lunges 10 each side 0->20-20
    Swapped pull-through for Kettlebell swing
    10 @ 16KG, 2 sets 10@20kg
    2 sets, 10…[Read more]

  • Today’s success: Got to the gym and started the 12 week workout.
    Work success too – except my laptop hasn’t yet been delivered, so I couldn’t fully start the job. I did keep in mind how I should eat when eating out, but didn’t follow instructions very well.

    At the gym…
    Walk 10 minutes on split treadmill
    Foam roller
    Hip flexor…[Read more]

  • No workout. 12k steps. Read the fitness and nutrition sections. Will take gym bag with me to see if i can stop at gym on the way home

  • Saturday 9/17:
    12k steps taken
    no workout

    Hoping for better tomorrow, Sunday

  • Goals:
    This week’s goals focus on preparing for the new job and how to incorporate fitness/diet into the new schedule
    1. Review 12 week training program and see if I can start it (next week)
    1.5 Review On The Road Nutrition section to prep for 3 trips in the next 3 weeks
    2. 2 weight training sessions this week
    3. 2 intense cardio session (45…[Read more]

  • Hello,
    I’m over halfway on my weight loss journey, having lost 11 of the 19 lbs I’m looking to shed (is that a stone? I never remember those strange English weights). I have been doing some workouts from this site and they have made me stronger and leaner than ever before… so I joined the full-version to get everything out of this site…[Read more]