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Dorothy B

  • One thing I have tried in addition to the suggestions in Adam’s article is to set up applications that block part of the blue light on my computer and phone. The blocking starts with sunset so is in effect early evening during winter months.

  • Welcome, Adam!

    I have been slow in returning to Travel Strong. My husband and I have a road trip coming up in a little over a week, so it seems like a perfect time to recommit and use the support here to return from vacation stronger and healthier than we are starting. I will be updating my plans in the fitness log by the end of the week.

  • Long time since I have posted here. My recent exercise history has been sporadic. April was the lowest exercise month since I committed to getting more fit over 2 years ago. With the return of spring weather to Minnesota — and an upcoming road trip — I need to refocus.

    I will decide what I can commit to doing while traveling within the next…[Read more]