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    Adam J

    Hey Scott,

    I managed to upload the images for you! 😀

    Finally figured it out!

    Send me anymore you want through my email and I’ll get them on for you 🙂


    Adam J

    Hey Brian,

    Sorry to hear about your plantar fasciitis problem!

    I’m no expert on the matter but I have just done some extensive research for you in the hope I could pluck out some suitable suggestions.

    Sadly, the literature in this area is very limited and pretty much every study I read concluded with ‘it is not possible to specifically recommend a treatment that is most effective due to a lack of co-intervention studies in this field’

    HOWEVER! I have managed to find a few golden nuggets amongst the journals that do make sense and would hopefully help you with your symptoms 🙂

    1. Reduce Pain and Inflammation

    Apart from anti-inflammatory medication, there were two methods that proved popular to effectively reduce pain and inflammation in plantar fasciitis sufferers:

    a) Cryotherapy – The application of an ice pack to the troubled areas for around 10-15 minutes, three times a day has been shown to alleviate acute pain from plantar fasciitis.

    b) Deep Tissue Massage – Pretty self explanatory this one. Whenever there is a flair up, massaging the localised area has shown to break down the soft tissue. This helps to release dopamine and serotonin whilst increasing blood flow to the injured site; relieving the pain temporarily

    Sadly, these are all just cover ups for the pain and don’t provide any long term solutions.

    2. Reduce Tissue Stress

    This one is more of an ‘on the go’ treatment and involves making sure you have suitable footwear for the condition to reduce the everyday stress placed on the feet.

    The most specific recommendations I could fine are:

    Footwear that includes a snug-fitting heel counter to provide hindfoot stability. A shoe with laces that has several eyelets to provide midfoot stability and support, and an all leather upper to reduce the chances of excessive pronation‘.

    3. Restoring Muscle Strength and Flexibility

    This is the main one for me and the research seems to agree!

    The main muscles you are looking to strengthen are the Gastrocnemius (the superficial calf muscle) and the Soleus (the inferior calf muscle).

    The difficulty here comes when you’ve been advised to avoid exercises such as calf raises. So, I recommend you focus on developing a good stretch and massage routine first before taking on any strength training in the lower extremities.

    I have found a good YouTube video from a reliable channel that I use myself which explains 6 great stretches you can try 🙂

    Here’s the link: Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

    Hope this helps Brain!

    Keep us updated with how you’re getting on 🙂


    Adam J

    Hey Scott,

    Send me over the photo’s you want to upload to my email and I’ll see if I can get them working for you 🙂 😀


    Adam J

    Hey Samantha,

    Hope you’re well! 🙂

    Just thought I’d check in to see how things have been?

    Have you managed to get any training in since we last spoke?


    Adam J

    Hey Gustaaf,

    Great to hear from you and even better to hear that you’re back into full training! 😀

    It sounds like you would benefit from ‘Carb Cycling’.

    In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to balance carbohydrate intake whilst maintaining high energy levels for your training.

    If you nail this nutrition strategy (which looks harder than it actually is), you should see enough carbs in your diet to improve muscular development, whilst maximising your ability to burn fat at the same time.

    Check out the link above in green for more detail and let me know what you think 🙂


    Adam J

    Awesome work Scott!

    I love reading your posts, they always remind me of why I train myself and why I love exercise.

    You hit the nail on the head with ‘breaking the cycle’ if you get stuck outside of your usual routine, sometimes, you’ve just got to go get it done… You’ll always feel better for it afterwards 😀

    Keep the posts coming mate!


    Adam J

    Hey Tanya,

    Welcome to Travel Strong 😀

    We have everything you need throughout the Members Area to help you achieve your goals!

    If you do have any questions, just leave a message on here and myself, Will or anyone of the Travel Strong community will help you out wherever we can 🙂


    Adam J

    Hey Samantha!

    So good to hear from you 😀

    Sounds like we’ve both been really busy as of late. Great to hear you’re going to start back with your yoga and stretching again 😀

    Maybe the absence of these daily routines have taken their toll on your back again? I hope it’s not too painful for you!

    Keep me updated if you manage to get started again this week, I’ll keep an eye out for your posts 🙂


    Adam J

    Hey Scott!

    Love reading all your posts mate!

    Great to see that the bread and butter Travel Strong workouts are just as effective as ever!

    I have a confession to make… With the launch of our new premium coaching, I have been really busy elsewhere and have not focussed as much on the member’s area as I’d have liked to, thus, I abolished the red wine post! 🙁

    However, as I was inspired by you to research it, I’ll give you a very quick outline to what I found!

    Basically, it all boils down to polyphenolic compounds called Flavonoids

    These flavonoids can be found in pretty much every fruit and vegetable you can think of, each with their own sub category of flavonoids which scientists believe contain different health benefits!

    The crux of the story is, flavonoids found in red grapes, get pressed into red wine, maintain their healthy goodness (antioxidants) and so a glass of red wine every now and again provides a healthy boost for your body.

    Now, you could just avoid red wine and eat more varieties of fruit and veg… But where’s the fun in that! 😀

    So long as you don’t excessively binge on wine (as the alcohol will damage your liver and cause other adverse health effects) moderate consumption is safe and even recommended by some health experts! 😀

    There is still so much more research to be done in this area but more and more studies on the subject are cropping up; so I expect to see more and more interesting articles on the matter. I’ll keep my eye out for you!

    Keep up the awesome work Scott!


    Adam J

    Hey Jen!

    I think Scott has nailed it on the head really.

    When it comes to family time it is difficult to keep on top of training because you probably want to chill with your husband and kids or do something you can all enjoy together.

    A few suggestions I have which might help you:

    1. Try to incorporate the family into your workouts

    I know this is a lot easier said than done but even if you can go for a weekend walk or bike ride with them all, it incorporates both the family time and exercise.

    2. Make some healthy food together

    I don’t know how old your children are but if they’re like me (and I’m 24) I love to cook or bake!

    There are plenty of healthy recipes out there for lunches, dinners or even sweets (cookies included!).

    Get them in the kitchen and you can all enjoy bonding over making a meal… Or cake, definitely cake! 😀

    3. Prioritise!

    This is something I’ve learnt to do and it has helped me out no end with my productivity!

    So basically, instead of saying ‘I didn’t have time to do that today‘… I’ll say, ‘It wasn’t one of my priorities today‘…

    Believe me, after you’ve spent 5 hours in a day sat doing nothing (maybe watching TV or on the computer) and then say that exercise wasn’t ‘a priority for the day‘, you soon realize what you actually do with your time and it’ll make you appreciate it a lot more.

    For example…

    ‘Today I will prioritise 3 hours of the day with my kids, we’ll go for a walk to the park, play games and eat ice cream’…

    ‘I will also prioritise 20 minutes of my day to do a quick workout’…

    ‘I also want to prioritise some down time when I can relax for the rest of the night because I’ve done my exercise and I don’t have anything else to complete for the day’…

    It may sound obscure but give it a go, I’m sure you’ll find it beneficial and more positive than saying you don’t have time for something (exercise related or not).


    Adam J

    Even after a night of excessive drinking you still managed to get your workouts in the next day!

    Dedication to the max! Very impressed Jen 😀

    Keep up the good work and have a safe journey home!


    Adam J

    Hey Jen,

    Great work to stay committed to the programme even when you’re busy with work! 😀

    Remember, the aim is progression, not perfection.

    I completely agree that feeling fitter and stronger and being able to fit into the clothes you want is a lot more important that your actual weight 🙂

    Congratulations on that achievement already!

    Keep up the fantastic effort but don’t forget, with all your travelling and work, you still need a good amount of Sleep!


    Adam J

    Sounds tough but I’m confident you’ll get there in the end!

    Keep chipping away at it and you’ll be back at it in no time 😀


    Adam J

    No problem Samantha 🙂

    These things do take time and the last thing you want to do is rush back and put yourself under too much stress!

    When you’re ready, you’ll know 🙂

    In the meantime, I’ll post to you on here every now and again to see how you’re getting on or if you have any questions, you know where I am 🙂


    Adam J

    I completely understand.

    It’s very difficult once you get set in a routine and then all your schedule changes around you and messes up what you had going… Believe me, it’s happened a lot to myself and Will!

    The main thing is that you’re still going on your daily walks to keep yourself moving 🙂

    Once things have calmed down and you think you’re ready to settle back into an exercise routine we’ll be here to help where we can 😀

    The most important thing is making sure you’re happy!

    Don’t feel down about falling behind on things if you’re busy elsewhere, it happens to everyone and I know when you’re ready, you’ll come back stronger than ever 😀


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