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Fitness Workouts  Suspension Trainer Workouts (20 Minutes or Less)  Rattlesnake

Difficulty: Time: Equipment:
Advanced 20 Minutes or Less Bodyweight
Suspension Trainer

Complete five rounds of each circuit, performing the prescribed number of reps for each exercise, before moving onto the next one. Take additional rest as needed, but try to take it between rounds and circuits.

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Circuit #1:

Exercise: Reps: Rounds:
Jump Squat 5 5
Suspension Trainer Mountain Climber 5 5
Diamond Push-Up 5 5

Circuit #2:

Exercise: Reps: Rounds:
Lateral Line Hop 5 (each side) 5
Suspension Trainer Pendulum 5 (each side) 5
Single-Leg Hip Thrust 5 (each side) 5

Circuit #3:

Exercise: Reps: Rounds:
Jumping Jack/Star Jump 5 5
Suspension Trainer Body Saw 5 5
Feet-Elevated Inverted Row 5 5
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