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Mountain Lion

Fitness Workouts  Resistance Band Workouts (30 Minutes or Less)  Mountain Lion

Difficulty: Time: Equipment:
Advanced 30 Minutes or Less Bodyweight
Resistance Band

Complete three rounds of each circuit, performing the prescribed number of reps for each exercise, before moving onto the next one. Take additional rest as needed, but try to take it between rounds and circuits.

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Circuit #1:

Exercise: Reps: Rounds:
High Knee Drive 50 3
Mountain Climber 40 (total) 3
Reverse Lunge 30 (total) 3
Feet-Elevated Push-Up 20 3
Band-Resisted One-Arm Row 10 (each side) 3

Circuit #2:

Exercise: Reps: Rounds:
Standing Band Shoulder Press 10 (each side) 3
Band-Resisted Bent-Over Row 20 3
Glute Bridge 30 3
Bicycle 40 (total) 3
Lateral Line Hop 50 (total) 3
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