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Beginner Warm-Up

Fitness  Warm-Ups  Beginner Warm-Up

Difficulty: Time: Equipment:
Beginner 10 Minutes or Less Bodyweight
Foam roller or lacrosse ball

Complete these exercises in the order they are shown. The entire warm-up should take around 10 minutes, and by the end of it you should have broken a light sweat.

# Exercise: Reps/time:
1 Foam Rolling 3-5 minutes
2 Quadruped Extension/Rotation 8 (each side)
3 Hip Flexor Mobilization 8 (each side)
4 Arm Circles 30 seconds (each direction)
5 Wall Ankle Mobilization 8 (each side)
6 Side Leg Swings 8 (each side)
7 Scapular Wall Slides 8
8 Front Leg Swings 8 (each side)
Download Printable PDF of this Warm-Up