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Welcome to the fitness section of the Member’s Area! From here you’ll be able to find all the warm-ups, workouts and challenges.

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You need to warm-up before any physical activity. So, if you’re here for the first time, you should start by checking out the warm-ups section. Go there now.

Before any physical activity – whether that’s part of a workout or challenge – you need to warm-up. There are countless benefits to warming-up properly, but the bottom line is that it safeguards you against injury, enabling you to continue reaping the benefits of regular exercise. If you’re here for the first time, you should check out this section of the fitness area before you do anything else.

Click here to learn how to warm-up properly.


Want to burn fat, build muscle and get fit? Not sure where to start? The workouts section is the place for you. Click here to go there now.

If you want to lose fat, build muscle and get fitter in general, the workouts section will serve you well. The workouts are divided up into six categories, and then further arranged by duration and difficulty. Whatever your circumstances, you’ll be able to find the perfect workout on any given day. But before you dive in, you should take a minute to how to make them work best for you. If you’ve got questions about when to do them, how often, or where you should start, you’ll find the answers here.

Click here to learn how to make the workouts work for you.


If you want to target a trouble spot, or work on a skill (like squats or pull-ups), then you’ll love the challenges. Click here to go there now.

If you’re interested in working on a specific skill (like mastering a bodyweight squat or getting your first pull-up), or want to work on a specific body-part, then you will most likely want to check out the 28-Day Challenges. There are six challenges to choose from, each with a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

Click here to find out more about them.

Still not Sure?

Can I do a challenge and the workouts at the same time?

Yes! In fact, I think it’s a great idea.

It can get a little tricky though, so to make it as straightforward as possible, I’ve created a template that you can use. You’ll find it in the Extras section here.

Got more questions?

If it’s got anything to do with the workouts or challenges, you’ll most likely find your answer on the overview pages for the workouts or challenges, respectively.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance somebody else will have asked about it in the forums.

Or if you’re really stuck, you can email me via the support page.